Discovering DocMoto was the only viable document solution for Mac, with lightning speed results
Nyman & Wergens Advokatbyrå

Discovering DocMoto was the only viable document solution for Mac, with lightning speed results

Nyman & Wergens Advokatbyrå, a Swedish law firm, has improved practice workflow, document organisation and the ability of staff to access files and folders remotely with DocMoto.

The firm – which focuses mainly on bankruptcy, corporate and criminal law – has used Apple Mac computers since 2003. However, its previous approach of storing documents on a Mac Mini server plus off-site back-up became increasingly difficult.

Thomas Nyman

Thomas Nyman, lawyer and partner at the firm, said: “As our storage repository grew it became more difficult finding information and the system was increasingly unresponsive.

“When accessing documentation off-site it would take between two and 10 minutes to access a folder with the local computer having to download the information first. Naturally, any delay in access means people are reluctant to store documents in the same place, meaning the repository is incomplete. Having documentation scattered in different locations is a major drawback.

“Also, the repository didn't work well with templates, which meant people were using different versions and our documents looked inconsistent”.

Mr Nyman noted that, as a Mac-based business, the document management alternatives were both limited and lacking in capability. However, almost a year ago, the firm discovered DocMoto.

Moving to DocMoto

“This was the first time we had found a viable document solution for Mac, which coincided with our firm doubling its employees”, Mr Nyman said.

“We've had DocMoto up and running for eight months and it's now possible to do a search for a file or content within the storage facility which then returns a result quickly.

“Also, DocMoto has an API we can use to link to our client system. So, when we create a new client or case DocMoto automatically generates a new folder structure. This has made it easy to maintain a consistent structure and keep our files in order”.

The team at Nyman & Wergens Advokatbyrå are also able to check out easily single or multiple documents or even a complete folder of files from DocMoto, so they always have the documentation they need.

Accessing the repository from a remote location now takes one minute to sync and after that everything is available, Mr Nyman said, at “lightning speed”.

He added: “The biggest improvement is our ability to share documents among the team: it's now easy to work jointly on a file and we don't end up with multiple versions.

“And I have found the DocMoto team to be excellent with both support and service, especially their response times.”

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