Using a CA Signed Certificate with DocMoto Server

By default DocMoto server is shipped with an SSL certificate for secure comminucation between the DocMoto client and server. You should only consider installing your own certificate as part of your corporate security policy.

  1. You need a .pem file containing your private key and certificate. If you don't have this, then it can be created by joining the key and certificate files together, e.g.
    cat mydomain.key mydomain.crt > mydomain.pem 
  2. Open the DocMoto server config file, (normally located in /opt/docmoto/server/settings/serverSettings.config) and locate the section that defines the SSL port.

    In a default installation, this will be using a self signed certificate generated during installation and will look like:
        <WebDav />
        <Admin />
  3. Change the pem-filename line to point to where your own .pem file is.
  4. Set the password if needed, or remove the pem-password attribute if no password is needed.
  5. Restart the DocMoto server to ensure the new settings are taken.

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