Licensing FAQs



What is the DocMoto licensing model

DocMoto licensing is very flexible.  Our servers can support a mixture of per seat and concurrent licenses.

What is a "per seat" license?

A per seat license is one where a single user is assigned to a license.  The user can log into DocMoto at any time from any machine.  Heavy system users are well suited to being assigned to a per seat license.

What is a concurrent license?

Multiple users can be assigned to a concurrent license.  The only limitation being that the users cannot connect simultaneously to DocMoto.  Concurrent licenses are ideal for people who are not expected to log into DocMoto often.  Senior managers and external customers are both groups that are well suited to being assigned to a concurrent license.

Can I mix per seat and concurrent users?

Yes, a single DocMoto server can support a mixture of concurrent and per seat licenses.  This makes for a very cost effective model.  Your customers and other infrequent users can be assigned to one or more concurrent licenses, and your frequent users can be assigned per seat licenses.

Are per seat licenses tied to a particular computer?

No.  You can copy the DocMoto client software to as many computers as you like.

Do you support different levels of user?

Yes.  DocMoto users can either be members of the 'Administrators' group with full administrative rights, or members of the 'Users' group with full functionality without any admin functions.

If a user leaves and somebody new takes their place do I need a new license?

No, you simply set the old user to be "inactive" and assign your new user to their license.

Can I see the terms for your cloud service?

You can read our hosted/cloud user terms here.

Can I see your privacy policy for data collected on your web site

You can read our privacy policy here.

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