Reseller FAQs



Does CHLSoftware work with resellers?

Yes, we are always looking to work with dedicated professionals who supply services to the professional Mac business market.

Are there reseller discounts available?

Yes, we offer discounts to resellers.  For the latest details contact our sales department.

What support do you offer?

All resellers are entitled to make use of CHL support services.  These include email and telephone support.  Resellers are entitled to special support in template design and we also offer direct customer access support for those who require it.**

What kind of companies are you looking for as resellers?

Professional Mac users have never before had a high performance document and file management system designed specifically for them.  We are interested in working with any companies large or small who recognize this opportunity and are committed to providing the very best for their customers.

** Support services available may depend on geographic location.

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