Changing icons to reflect different file types

This purpose of this article is to show administrators how to configure the DocMoto system so that application based icons (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, PDF, etc) are used instead of the standard icons shipped with DocMoto. This can make the interface more informative and simpler to use.

Changing the icons can make the interface simpler to use


Before you start you need to find appropriate images. There are plenty of freely available images on the web. The only restriction DocMoto places is that the images should be 16*16 pixels in size. It is common for images to be in the "icon" format (.ico) though this is not strictly necessary.

Load your images into the the images folder within DocMotoConfig

  1. Log into DocMoto as an administrator.

  2. Go to the "Admin" menu and check the "Show Admin Folders" option is checked. This will un-hide the DocMotoConfig folder.

  3. Open the DocMotoConfig folder, navigate to the "Images" folder and open it.

  4. Now add your images to the folder. You can do this by simply dragging and dropping, or using the "Add" button on the toolbar.

    Adding icons to the images folder


Associate the images with tag list items

  1. Go to the "Admin" menu and select "Tag Manager".

  2. Select the “Show Protected Tags” option in “Tag Manager”. Navigate to the “File Type” tag.

  3. Change the “File Type” tag “Type” to “text list”. Now create a list of types by selecting the “+” key and typing in a file type.

  4. Associate an image by entering the name of the correct image into the "Icon File" field.

    Associate the image with the correct file type


  5. At this stage it is advisable to disable the “Show Protected Tags” option by deselecting the check-box.

  6. Close the “Tag Manager” and save the changes made when prompted.


The DocMoto system is now configured to reflect application based icons instead of the file icons shipped with the system.

The DocMoto interface with the new icons



When a file is checked out it will be shown using the default "check-out" file image.

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