CFAR gets organised and replaces Finder with DocMoto

CFAR gets organised and replaces Finder with DocMoto

US-based consultancy firm, CFAR – operating a Mac-based IT system – turned to DocMoto for a better method of sharing knowledge and best practices across the organisation and with its clients.

The firm, which offers strategy and leadership consultancy to healthcare, higher education, academic medicine, family businesses and other large organisations, had historically been using an internal file server to store documentation and was limited by the search capability of the Apple finder window.

Marry Kelly - Chief Financial Officer

Mary Kelly – chief financial officer at CFAR – said: “We were really constrained on our ability to search for materials, since our previous system wasn't at all intuitive, and lacked a useful function for searching. This limited our ability to repurpose valuable information in the service of sales and client service.

As part of implementing DocMoto for document management across the Mac platform, the CFAR team had to, as Mary explained, get organised: “It was a good push to clean up our files.”

“Coming out of the academic world of the Wharton School, CFAR values learning and teaching and DocMoto provides us with an excellent resource. It also means we can re-use our work in ways that make us a lot more efficient. For example, we write descriptions of our approach and the outcome benefits for clients for every project. When we can find these easily, and share them with new clients, it helps advance our value proposition in the market.”

Why DocMoto?

CFAR had considered other file management systems, which tended to be user-unfriendly and cost-prohibitive. Mary said: “With DocMoto we really couldn't beat the price! And the DocMoto people have been so consistently smart, thoughtful and responsive. That's huge for us!

“And the DocMoto system works well for both the tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy members of the team. Even the users who were initially resistant love it.”

According to Mary, the functionality of DocMoto especially useful to CFAR includes:

  • • Version control: “It avoids the frustration of not knowing whether someone is working on the latest version of a document. The version control function is excellent and easy to understand.”
  • • Indexing: “To be able to search for something and find it immediately has already been a huge timesaver.

“Everybody here has a very busy schedule and they don't want to struggle with an application. In this, DocMoto has been very helpful for them.

“And, I don't believe we've tapped into its full capabilities yet: in the future, I can see CFAR using DocMoto to organize and save emails also.”

In terms of customer service and development, CFAR has been impressed with the DocMoto team: “We never want for anything and they are always two steps ahead of us,” Mary said. “We made about 10 suggestions only to find that at least seven were already being developed – they work tirelessly to get our stuff done.”

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