DocMoto Wins High Praise from fresh-thinking UK Accountancy Firm
Figures UK

DocMoto Wins High Praise from fresh-thinking UK Accountancy Firm

Figures UK, based in Peterborough, is a new, fresh thinking accountancy practice started in 2007. It provides individuals and companies of all sizes with accountancy and administration services including book keeping, VAT returns, payroll services, tax returns and advice, preparation of minutes and advice on company law.

Managing Director Jason Cannon wanted Figures UK to be leaders in technology in the accountancy market and made the choice to use Apple computers across the firm, not only because they give stable performance but because they are faster and more secure than most PCs. His only problem was finding the right document management solution that could cope with indexing and storing large amounts of files and data and was compatible with Apple computers.

As Jason explains, “We were looking for a system that would give us the cutting edge over our competitors. Our online research led us to CHL Software in Cheltenham and their new solution called DocMoto.”

CHL Software was founded in 1996 and develops business software primarily for use in file publishing and management. The company started developing their document and management system, DocMoto in 2006. It is designed for organisations using Apple computers and can be integrated with existing systems.

Jason continues, “We knew we wanted our clients to be able to access their own files and data remotely, from anywhere, but we also wanted a system that would be a giant, clever filing cabinet with which we could interact, allowing clients to scan and upload letters from HMRC as well as other accounts information. The system would have to notify us automatically when a client had added new information and tell us what needed to be actioned.

Jason Cannon of Figures UK, Neil Cameron of CHL
and Sam Raines of Figures UK

“What we got from DocMoto was much more! Not only have we managed to go paperless in our office environment, we also have a system that is very easy to use. In just 3 weeks DocMoto has given us a new workflow and automated our interaction with all our clients across the UK.”

One of its many unique features is the sophisticated meta tagging system that catalogues all files consistently and allows users to search for files in multiple ways.

Jason explains how this has worked for Figures UK; “It's amazing how powerful the tagging and search system is: we can create new client folders in minutes with everything we need already in place and give access to new clients straight away, which has cut down all our admin costs. Also, 'search by client' and 'date modified' means we know who we worked for, when and if they have paid! I know DocMoto will expand our business over the next year.”

The experience of companies like Figures UK, is alerting CHL Software to the full potential of DocMoto. As Neil Cameron of CHL Software said: “These are exciting times for us ... we are always amazed at how companies use our software and after seeing what Figures UK are doing with DocMoto, it seems the possibilities are endless.”

Docmoto offers:

Centralized storage: DocMoto allows a firm to store everything in one place. Email, scanned letters and electronic documents, images and spreadsheets.

Cataloging: DocMoto supports a powerful tagging system. The tags are user definable and can be applied to folders as well as files. Tagging means that all material can be simply cataloged.

Searching: Bringing together the tagging and centralized storage, DocMoto's flexible and powerful search can locate material by content and tags.

Scalable: Even the small firms, have huge amounts of material to handle. Whilst there's lots of document managers out there, not many are still standing when you throw more than 100,000 files at them. But DocMoto can handle that kind of number. In fact it can easily handle millions of files, and for some firms, that's just a few cases.

Multi-user: DocMoto is a truly multi-user system, and it was designed that way from the start.

Easy to use: DocMoto is a native Mac product. We always say, if you can use iTunes or Finder, you can use DocMoto. But don't take our word for it. One of our customers re-employed their office cleaner as a DocMoto data entry specialist. If that doesn't signify something that's easy to use, we don't know what does!

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