Canadian litigation law firm access records from a central repository across multiple offices.
Knight Litigation

Canadian litigation law firm access records from a central repository across multiple offices.

Integrating in-house IT systems with Apple Mac document and e-mail management software, DocMoto, is helping to create greater workflow harmony for dual-site Canadian law firm, Knight Litigation.

Calgary, Alberta

The civil litigation firm, run by lawyer Christopher P. Knight along with seven staff, implemented DocMoto in Spring 2013 and has used the software's Application Programming Interface (API) to communicate with existing practice IT programmes.

Chris Knight said: “DocMoto has a decent API that lets us integrate with in-house software. For example, this means email is automatically routed and placed in a relevant folder in DocMoto based on the requirements of the business.

Equally, we are diligent about monitoring and responding to metrics and by using the DocMoto API we are able to pull out some of those metrics, such as measuring the number of emails processed in relation to incoming enquiries.

DocMoto is now integrated with our practice management and accounting software.”

In addition, DocMoto helps Knight Litigation manage the workflow between its two offices located in Calgary and Vancouver, several hundred miles apart.

Mr Knight added: “We have the normal challenges a law firm faces of maintaining client records and managing normal business flow. We are an almost paperless operation, managing records electronically, and - except for DocMoto - there are essentially no other Mac-based document management systems that permit quick and easy collaboration between our offices.

Having DocMoto lets us simultaneously access records from a central repository across our Calgary and Vancouver offices, which has made us more efficient in collaborating between the locations.”

In terms of using DocMoto's range of functions, Knight Litigation has seen particular benefits in being able to check in and check out files and retain a version history of updated documents.

The firm also uses the tags function within DocMoto and the in-built folder structure in order to help organise materials for a case.

“The support team at CHL Software has been fantastic - that's a huge plus for us,” Chris Knight said. “Unlike most software providers, CHL is very responsive and from an operations standpoint that's critical.”

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