Additional Support Services
Additional support services

Additional Support Services

Folder "Engineering"

Virtually every one of our customers uses the introduction of DocMoto as an opportunity to re-organize their folder and file structure.

Our unique experience and comprehensive tool set can deliver this important service in a fraction of the time more conventional methods achieve.

Typically handling 100,000's of files and folders we work with you to structure them, tag them and even combine them when multiple offices are being amalgamated.

Folder Template Development

DocMoto's unique and powerful templating technology allows you to ensure commonly created folder structures (when creating a new project or matter for example) are consistent and uniform.

We can work with you to take your designs and requirements and create comprehensive and robust templates which deliver exactly the folder framework you want as you move forward into the future.

Tag Development

Creating and applying document and folder tags is an important aspect to any DocMoto installation. Choosing the correct designs and application points for your tags can deliver a huge improvement in efficiency.

Use our experience and expertise to help you produce the most effective tags and tag application points.

Permission Application

Understanding DocMoto's powerful group based permissions is simple, but work with us and use our experience to ensure that you are applying your permissions in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Backup and infrastructure Services

Our team can work with you to ensure your installation is correctly backed up and fully secured. We can provide advice and engineering expertise to help you with everything from a simple daily backup to a full data centre hosted fault tolerant fail-over system.

Large scale folder and file structures on Mac are our Business

Even if you are not considering DocMoto but do have an on-going issue with large scale and cumbersome folder and file hierarchies our experience, expertise and tools can help. Whether it is creating a new uniformity, combining offices together or just a thorough re-organization, we can help.

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