• Hosted

    Our Hosted solution is for companies who don't want the hassle of hosting their own DocMoto server.

    Often described as a "cloud-based" service. Ideal for companies with relatively small volumes of documents and high speed internet connectivity.

  • Enterprise

    DocMoto Enterprise is designed for the larger company with high document volumes and storage needs.

    There are no product limitations, and consultancy and support packages are fully included.

Service level comparison




Native MAC interface
Full multi-user system
All documents and file types supported
Full version history on every file
File locking during editing
Definable document tags
Content and tag searching
Master document templates
Folder templating
Fine-grained security
Event notification
Workflow based scan importing
Browser based interface
Unlimited document storage
Database level reporting
Named users
Floating users
Server located on-premises
Perpetual license

Hosted solutions are charged per user per month (minimum 3 users) plus dedicated server charges.
For full details on hosted as well as on-premise solutions contact our sales team.