General FAQs



In a nutshell, what can DocMoto do for me?

DocMoto will allow you to excercise a much higher level of control over your digital assets (files).  In doing so, DocMoto will allow you to improve efficiency and improve customer service levels.  Below we have listed some of the key features that allow you to make these improvements.

  • Central Repository
  • Fast and efficient searching
  • Familiar drag and drop interface
  • All file types supported
  • Email and attachment management
  • Powerful file classification
  • Automated revision control
  • Collaborative working
  • Full audit trail and tracking
  • Customizable workflow
  • Profiled file import
  • Comprehensive security
  • Secure file transmission
  • Internet network compatible
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Additional support services
  • Replicate DocMoto across multiple offices

How much does DocMoto cost?

DocMoto has a very flexible licensing structure to suit your budget.

We offer a range of servers based on overall document volumes and overall data capacity.  We also have a range of user access types, varying from the fully featured right across the spectrum to a highly restricted level ideal for applications such as remote customer access.

DocMoto servers support both "per seat" and "concurrent" or "floating" licenses.  We have a specific Licensing FAQ.

For full pricing details contact our sales team on

Are there any discounts for educational establishments?

Yes, you will need to contact us for details.

Can DocMoto be used across the internet and an intranet?

Yes, DocMoto is a client server system based on the WebDAV protocol.  As such, it can be used across the internet and within an intranet environment.

Are internet connections secure?

Yes, DocMoto supports SSL (secure socket layer), this means all network transmissions are encrypted and safe.

What type of files (digital asset) can DocMoto store?

DocMoto can store any kind of file.

I work with applications that create multiple files, can DocMoto handle these?

DocMoto has a very useful feature that allows you to check out and check in entire folders.  This makes it ideal for use with applications where multiple files are being created.  For example an author writing a book might create each chapter as a separate file.  So long as these files are all within one parent folder DocMoto can manage them.

Can digital assets be secured so only certain users can access them?

Yes, DocMoto has a full security system, so users can control exactly who has access to their digital assets.

Does DocMoto provide full version control and a full revision history?

Yes, all digital assets entered into DocMoto are fully version controlled with check-in and check-out.  DocMoto also provides a full revision history.

Can previous revisions be accessed?

Yes all previous revisions are stored so can be accessed at any time.

Can DocMoto store Email?

Yes by making use of the DocMoto file tagging technology email can be stored and viewed.

Can DocMoto search my document content?

Yes DocMoto uses Apple's native indexing technology to search the content of common file formats.

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