Technical FAQs



What are the system requirements?

The DocMoto client and server require OS X 10.12 (Sierra) and above. The DocMoto server requires the Open Source database PostgreSQL version 9.1 or greater. This is installed as part of the installation process.

Can Windows and Linux users use DocMoto?

Yes, Windows and Linux users can use our browser based client.

When DocMoto stores revisions does it use compression or will I need much more storage space?

DocMoto uses intelligent storage to ensure that only the minimum amount of information is stored.  This effectively compresses the storage.

Can DocMoto store Email?

Yes by making use of the DocMoto file tagging technology email can be stored and viewed.

Can DocMoto store Apple packages?

Yes DocMoto can store Apple packages.

Can DocMoto store Apple resource forks?

Yes, by using sophisticated pre-processing technology DocMoto stores file resource forks.

Can DocMoto be extended to integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, DocMoto can be controlled through software via its API (Application Programmer's Interface).  This means software can be developed that links DocMoto with other systems such as accounts packages for time management information.

What programming language is DocMoto written in?

The DocMoto server is written in C++.  This ensures it is extremely high performance.  The DocMoto client is a native objective-C cocoa application, again ensuring the maximum performance.

Does DocMoto have any special features for handling large files?

Yes, DocMoto has been designed to routinely deal with the much larger files typically found in a studio environment.  As well as intelligent storage DocMoto also uses a number of transfer techniques to ensure maximum performance.

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