Many law offices today have paperwork problems — specifically, too much of it! Even though many legal files these days are digitized, many offices still have piles of paperwork everywhere and a certain level of documentation chaos that drains resources. That’s where we come in.

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. Even worse than that, nearly 70 percent of that paper ends up in the trash. Now just imagine what law offices must go through. The efficiency, productivity, and time management law offices rely on are far less effective when the paper is being thrown about the office. You also have to take into consideration that they must provide paper court filings and paper service of processes. Yet, on the back end, in their office, they can at least better manage their documents. And many are doing so.

Many legal professionals have already taken steps to reduce their paper mountains. Paper use at firms nationwide has dropped dramatically. And there is a good reason why. By utilizing a service like DocMoto, you’ll see some long-term savings as your paper use drops dramatically. You’ll spend less on paper, ink, printers, and printer maintenance. Second, you won’t have to worry about storing all that paper. You’ll save time and financial resources. For law firms, office space is second only to salaries when it comes to overhead. By removing tons of boxes and reams of paper, you’ll need far less office space — or you can deploy existing space more efficiently.

It’s time for innovation in the digital space. DocMoto helps you transition into a digital realm where important case files can be easily managed, retrieved, filed and transferred. Our systems are intuitive and user-friendly, allowing everyone in the office to access, manage and send the documents they need.

We can help you locate and manage specific documents across multiple databases. Our software makes it easy to find the document you need no matter where in the cloud it is. We will even provide multiple prompts to ensure digital files are stored correctly. We get it, going paperless doesn’t remove all obstacles. Once you’ve digitized, you need to take steps to organize your digital footprint as well. From better folder structures to effortless digital document retrieval - we help you do it all.

And if you haven’t already jumped on the eFile bandwagon, we can help you do so more efficiently. A single eFile costs are 65% less than a physical one. The use of eFiling has been rising year over year. Be a part of that change by instituting an eFiling process in your office.

The problem is this: Adapting to something new seems daunting. It’s just a giant process you simply don’t have time to go through, right? Wrong. We specialize in helping law firms escape the never-ending deluge of paperwork and become pros at document management. Come up for air with DocMoto. Spend time on our website to learn more about how our services can help your law firm increase productivity, efficiency, and overall happiness.

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