DocMoto 3.6 saw the introduction of DocMoto reports.

Put simply DocMoto reports provides a means by which the DocMoto backend database can be safely and securely queried to provide management information.

Time management

The vast majority of DocMoto’s users bill customers for their time.

So in theory DocMoto is in a good position to help with that task, since DocMoto is the “gate keeper” that knows when documents are being worked on, and when they are returned.

Requiring users to enter time information

Tagging is a big part of DocMoto. Tags can be defined with types such as numbers, text or dates, and they can be mandatory or optional.

We can use these facets to create a mechanism by which users are forced to enter time spent on a document at the point of returning it to DocMoto.

One simple way to achieve this is to define a tag called “Time Spent (hrs)” which requires as its input a number, 2.5 for example, representing 2.5 hours.

If we are also tagging the document by “matter”, or “client” or some other parameter such as “project” then we can start to produce reports that give both a summary and detailed break down of the time spent.

The screen shots below show the kind of reports that are possible.

Summary of time spent by matter

Detail of time spent by matter

Note: In some cases reports require specialist SQL to be created beforehand. Contact CHL for details.

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