One of the key new features in DocMoto 3.6 is reporting.

Designed specifically to provide essential management information the reporting feature is another tool to help you increase efficiency, improve customer service and drive down costs.


Once configured DocMoto Reports are accessible from a standard menu item.

If required, security can be applied so only certain groups can access certain reports.

If the standard reports aren’t exactly what you need new reports can be created to suit your exact requirements.

Reports can be readily exported to data manipulation tools such as Excel or Numbers.

The standard reports cover the following data sets.

  • Documents - Includes a full audit report on every action against a given file.

  • Folders - Includes summary and detail reports on checked out files, contents listings, permission summaries and file count summaries.

  • Emails - Includes a set of reports to highlight duplicate emails within the repository.

  • Tags - Tag usage, summary and detail.

  • Users - Includes summary and details on usage, login and a subscription summary by folder.

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