Introducing DocMoto’s Support Services.

How confident are you that your DocMoto system was backed up yesterday?

How confident are you that the backup has everything you need to recover from a disaster?

How confident are you that your backup software is correctly archiving your DocMoto backup?

If you can’t answer some or all of these questions then our forthcoming DocMoto Support Services has been designed just for you.

What are DocMoto Support Services?

DocMoto Support Services are a set of real time monitors that monitor every aspect of your DocMoto system.

Built with the manufacturer’s experience

Each monitor process is based on our real world experience of working with 1000’s of customers.

Whenever a new potential weakness has been identified a monitor process has been created to watch for it.

A win-win for everybody

With DocMoto Support Services in place we monitor every aspect of your DocMoto system.

This has the following key benefits which together deliver a win-win situation for everyone:

  • Reduces risk of system failure
  • Reduces the risk of poor quality and out of date backups
  • Reduces time to restore service in the event of a failure

Multiple data point monitoring

Below are just some of the key data points monitored by DocMoto Support Services:

  • DocMoto server status
  • PostgreSQL server status
  • DocMoto backup status
  • Timemachine, Carbon Copy Cloner and Crashplan backup status
  • DocMoto database integrity
  • DocMoto security
  • DocMoto host Mac status

Real time alerts and full console access

In addition to being monitored by our own engineers, you can receive your own system alerts and access our on-line real time monitoring service directly through your browser.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about the extra security and piece of mind DocMoto Support Services can deliver to your business, contact us today.

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