DocMoto version 4 is a major new release and existing DocMoto users will immediately notice a completely overhauled interface.

Building on the lessons

Version 4 is the embodiment of everything we have learnt since DocMoto’s first release back in 2011.

Our new interface is designed specifically to support users having multiple matters, projects, clients open at the same time, and to move easily between them.

File can be previewed easily, and all important tag data is right to hand, just when you need it.

Modern tabbed presentation makes copying and moving so simple and accurate.

A new approach to Email management

DocMoto version 4 introduces a new approach to email management. We recognise that being able to drag and drop from your mail client is only one way to file email into DocMoto.

With our completely new mail import system it is now possible to draw mail directly from your mail server, and through a series of rules automatically file email into DocMoto folders, complete with tags.

You can watch a demonstration of the Email Importy Utility here.

Whether you want to implement a full blown company wide, auto-learning mail management system, or simply add a few basic rules to catch what’s important then the new email importer will support you.

Don’t let others make off with your crown jewels

People come and go in firms, and where document based knowledge forms a key part of the firm’s value it’s often just too easy for a departing staff member to copy the company’s entire document repository onto a memory stick just before they go.

That is why in DocMoto version 4 we have introduced download restrictions.

Configurable differently for each user, download restriction control the number of document and user can download in a day, week or month.

Take a look at our version 4 introduction video.

Check out Lee’s Corner for more useful information.

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