In this short article we re-examine the relationship between documents AND management.

Not a day passes without a new cloud based service being launched.

Disruption is the key word on the lips of many technology observers. Will this new technology disrupt the way things have been done before?

Uber clearly has disrupted the taxi business and AirBnB is doing the same with the accommodation business.

In the legal market one service stands out as being the biggest disrupter of them all, Dropbox. In many ways the rise of Dropbox makes perfect sense. For decades users have been familiar with the in-house “file server” where all the files are stored.

The whole point of the file server was for sharing files and keeping a central repository.

But as the World has become more distributed, with smart phones, tablets and super light laptops, so the need for a distributed file server to match has also grown, hence the rise of Dropbox.

But Dropbox is different to the old file server in many ways. Key amongst those being that it is cloud based and being cloud based it is by definition much more accessible, making it the perfect platform for sharing.

For most groups of users that’s what Dropbox delivers, a distributed equivalent to the old file server, and a great way to share things with people.

Back in the days when the file server was king, there were also document managers.

The reason document managers found a place was that the file server, though super simple to use (usually) and compatible with everything (mostly) didn’t provide for a whole lot of “management”.

In a real business there are many more facets to a document than just being able to open it.

You need to know who opened it. You usually need to know what has changed with it, and go back in time to look at those changes.

So it is today, if anything more so. With it being so easy now to share things with other people the need for “management” is stronger than ever.

This is where DocMoto comes in.

As developers of DocMoto, the leading document and email management system for Mac, we have always been on the document management side of life. The features we devote our energy towards are all about delivering the kind of eco system where thorough “management” is built right in.

Obviously being Mac based we have to deliver an experience that is simple and intuitive, that’s just a plain fact of life. But we also have to deliver features that can be managed, measured and controlled.

That is why in our newest release, when we introduced a mechanism for users to securely share files with co-council and others, key in our design was the provision of management.

DocMoto’s reporting module is key to the overall management strengths of DocMoto.

In truth DocMoto’s reporting module can deliver management information on all aspects of the system.

When it comes to sharing files, DocMoto reporting provides details of who has shared what infomation, if the information has been accessed and when.

It provides a summary and detailed report for all users and individuals.

As well as reporting on sharing activity, DocMoto reports provide information on access permissions, activity against files and folders, as well as a range of other system wide management indicators.

In a nutshell, it delivers document and management.

Additional Resources

For further details on DocMoto reporting watch our short video.

For a more information about setting up reports and how they function read this article.

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