In case you haven’t heard, IBM are committed to buying 50,000 MacBooks before the end of 2015.

They currently have 130,000 Macs and iOS devices in use and the program called Mac@IBM is seen as a key factor in IBM becoming a more agile organization.

With such an industry giant so committed to moving the “Mac way” we have come up with 5 good reasons why now is a great time to reconsider switching to Mac in your practice.

1. Professional level applications

No matter how nice Macs are, they are not much use if the tools to practice law simply are not available.

For a long time this was true and when we first introduced DocMoto, the professional level document and email management system specifically designed for Mac, we caused quite a stir.

But today there is very little that cannot be done on a Mac. As well as document and email management for example, DocMoto also supports sophisticated document assembly (once the exclusive preserve of Windows based applications). Other manufacturers too have well rounded solid solutions for other key tasks such as contact management, collaboration, pdf manipulation and even tools for use in the courtroom itself!

2. So much more portable

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that IBM have gone for MacBooks. If there is one key thing that Apple has nailed it is the portability of a computer. You can close the lid pick it up, get on a plane to another continent, re-open the lid, find a Wi-Fi network and be right back where you left off. In business terms that saves time, a lot of time.

3. Much simpler to use

This isn’t a new claim, far from it. But with the iPhone and iPad being so widely used vastly more users are now familiar with the Apple way “it just works”. So it’s all the more frustrating for them when they sit down to work and are presented with Windows applications that were never designed with the modern world in mind.

If it’s simpler to use it costs less, period. It gets used more, it delivers more, training costs are less, users are happier and the business is happier because people work harder and need less training.

4. Lower support costs

Macs are well made, anybody can see that. The software is also based on technology that is super-reliable. If you quit an application on a Mac it actually quits! IBM stated that the lower supports costs, combined with the higher residual value is saving them roughly $270 per Mac. (Source: Tech Insider October 27th 2015)

5. Finally

Well the final big benefit in our list is that they look so good you can use them at home without having to hide them away when the neighbor’s come round. We even use ours to drive our music system at dinner parties! Nothing to do with business, but everything to do with a totally more useful and user-friendly choice.

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