DocMoto - The Business Case

DocMoto is a document and file management system. Document and file management isn’t a new idea, what is new is that there is now a professional level system available to businesses running Mac.

So why bother?

The answer, as they say, is in the title. It’s management.

The benefits DocMoto delivers start and end in management, and with management comes efficiency.

“There can be economy only where there is efficiency.”
Benjamin Disraeli (British Prime Minister. 1804-1881)

So that’s the big picture, DocMoto brings management, and through management comes efficiency which reduces costs, improves profitability, maintains competitiveness and improves customer satisfaction.

Let’s look at the details.

DocMoto manages files and documents. Most businesses running Mac generate lots and lots of files and documents. In many cases it’s where the prime value of the business lies. It’s equally true that most business expenditure is on the staff and equipment to create and modify those files or documents. So any improvement in management and efficiency in this area is almost bound to make big savings and improvements.

Centralized Location

DocMoto forces files and documents to be stored in one central location. This has a number of very significant benefits:

  1. Fast and accurate location: Everything being in one place makes it simple and fast to find.
  2. Simple Back-up: Everything being in one place makes it much easier to protect.
  3. Security: Everything can be secured. Access rights can be set as appropriate and easily managed.

Document and folder tagging

DocMoto allows you to create tags which can be applied to files or folders. Typical tags might be a customer name, a project or file status.

The really useful thing about tags is that you can use them to search for things. Imagine how much time would be saved, and how much more could be done if you could easily find all email or documents that are connected with a legal case or a customer project!

DocMoto’s tagging is very sophisticated. When you create a tag you can define whether it’s text, a date or a number. This makes searching much more powerful, “find all images with a resolution greater than 600”, or “find all email from case XYZ between 1st November 2012 and 1st January 2013”.

Finally tags can be defined as lists. Maybe a list of your customers, or a list of status for invoices. The beauty of lists is that users must pick one when they add a file. This makes searching very much simpler, since you know only the values in the list can have been entered.

If you have hundreds or thousands or even millions of files, documents or emails, DocMoto’s tagging can literally revolutionize your business.

Import Profiles (the virtual post room)

DocMoto support “import profiles”. Import profiles are a powerful tool to allow a business to accurately import documents or files into the correct repository location with the correct tagging.

Typically used with scanners, import profiles effectively complete the circle. Without them scanned material is often just dumped on a network drive with little or no control and virtually no tagging.

Import profiles provide a simple to use workflow which guides the user to the correct DocMoto repository folder and requires the user to complete any file tags.

Import profiles ensure accurate import, plus provide the option of distributing the import workload across multiple users.

In effect import profiles provide a complete “virtual post room”.

Revision Management

DocMoto creates and manages revisions for each and every document and file it manages. This is a big advance over a standard server. The key benefits are:

  1. Accurate location of latest version: No more time wasted looking for the latest version and hoping for the best.
  2. Full audit history: Identify every modification and who made it.

Management Information

DocMoto keeps a full record of all activity. The database knows who did what, when and for how long. This data is accessible to management, and can very rapidly start to provide the kind of data that pin points inefficiency and allows management to make key decisions based on fact rather than guess work. This can often off set the cost of the document manager in months or even weeks let alone years!

Centralized location (giving rise to fast retrieval, security and simple back up), revision management and management information are the big ones. It’s these areas that are going to save money, improve efficiency, profitability and customer service. DocMoto has many secondary features that can also deliver further improvements. But there’s one final crucially important factor to consider, usability.


If a cash machine in the wall is difficult to use so what, people will persevere, they need cash! Not so with a document manager. If it’s difficult to use (or just too slow, as with many cloud based technologies) then people won’t use it, simple as that.

That’s why we have made DocMoto a native Mac OS X application. DocMoto uses familiar and proven user interface technologies that make it super simple to use. If you can use Finder or iTunes, you can use DocMoto.


The business case for a file and document manager is simple. It’s about delivering efficiency improvements though the management of two of a company’s greatest assets and greatest costs, its file and document output, and its people.

By ensuring that DocMoto is powerful, flexible and above all simple to use, the savings and improvements that a file and document manager offers can become a reality.

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