Working with DocMoto on an iPad just got much easier.

DocMoto is now fully integrated with the iOS Files app.

This means your DocMoto files in the central DocMoto repository are now visible in Files, as well as directly accessible from authoring apps such as Word.

new-docmoto-ipad-client-provides-seamless-integration-with-other-apps.jpgYour DocMoto files are now directly accessible through Files

Access DocMoto from within the authoring app

The new Files interation also means that your DocMoto repository will be available whenever you access your files from another app such as Word or Pages.

new-docmoto-ipad-client-provides-seamless-integration-with-other-apps-2.jpgYou can work with your DocMoto files directly through apps like pages.

DocMoto cloud customers ready to go

If you are a DocMoto cloud customer your server has already been configured for the new iPad version.

If you are an on-premise customer you may need to do some setup. See here.

Enabling DocMoto in the Files app

Before you can see your DocMoto repository in the Files app you must configure the Files app to allow it. For instructions see this article.

How to get the iPad client

To download the iPad client simply click on the App Store button and follow the instructions.

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