Technology has changed the way business gets done in the modern era. It has opened up new ways for businesses to serve more people, offer enhanced services, and improve product and service quality. It has also opened up avenues that allow for less risk and improved customer service outcomes. According to the Pew Research Center, four-in-ten Americans credit technology with improving their lives over the last half-century.

It’s this desire to improve human lives that has led to transformative events in the business world. Technology has changed business in so many ways. From the ways we plan a business to starting, operating, managing and marketing it — technology has changed the landscape.

Some of the innovations that have changed the business world include cloud computing, drones, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. And these are but a few of the examples we can draw upon to demonstrate how technology has impacted the business world. And yet, while technological life improvement has bled into the business sector, there are certainly business-centric innovations that create new ways to get the job done, whatever the job.

The primary motivation for new business inventions includes the desire to solve business problems and streamline company operations. According to Gartner Research, from 2011 to 2017, technology spending among small to medium-sized businesses increased by 4.8%. Spending started at $534 billion per year and has grown to $686 billion per year.

One of the main drivers of technology spending in business has been to improve and streamline business operations. This includes everything from better ways to communicate and share information to improved workflows and enhanced project management. Technology has changed the way we conduct business meetings, communicate with teams, share information and present ideas.

Advances in hardware and software design have also changed the way we create and share documents in business. It all started with Microsoft Office so long ago. And yet so much has changed since then. Most businesses need to write and use letterhead, service invoices, credit memos, business letters, and reports, expenses report planners, project presentations, billing reports, business trip planners, business newsletters and various other documents. Even here, technology plays a part, and we’re proud to play a part in it.

At DocMoto, we have relied on innovation in technology to improve how our clients manage their emails, documents and important legal contracts. We have ridden the wave of technological innovation to deliver a product that makes it easier for clients to get the job done. Want to learn how? Schedule a free trial today.

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