Did you know we have been innovating in the damage restoration and insurance claims business for more than 20 years? We are software developers who worked hard at developing software solutions for niche industries before those industries even knew they needed software solutions. That’s why we like to say — we zigged when everyone else zagged! We were the ones standing at the precipice of changing the status quo before the status knew there was a quo.

A Singular Focus on Efficiency in Document Management

If there’s one thing that we understand to be true, it’s that the most important thing in a product is the user experience. If you sell couches, then wouldn’t you want your customers to find them both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable? Even if you are a bank selling financial products, you want your clients to find your systems intuitive and easy to use. That’s what we’ve focused on here at DocMoto.

According to a study by Business.com, document challenges account for more than a fifth of your company’s productivity losses. Whether it be through opening documents, sending documents, or receiving documents, employees spend far too much of their time trying to manage the document deluge. We realized this early on and we zigged.

The fact is this: organizations and teams increasingly rely on document management systems to conduct business. We just happened to notice the need long before others within our market. With the onset of big data, businesses produce more data and content than ever. What is a company to do? Print it all out?

Solutions that Make Your Life Easier

Just about every company on the planet uses email and must manage documents. It really doesn’t matter what industry you happen to operate in, the likelihood that you are creating endless amounts of documentation and data is quite high. This is where DocMoto comes in. We’re the masters of document and email management triage.

We provide solutions and support for companies looking to maximize their efficiency in documents, contracts and email management. Our software is built for both OSX and Windows. It’s simple to use and more than anything it relies on an intuitive user experience, which was one of our original topics.

DocMoto solutions deliver powerful benefits in the areas of email attachment management, content tagging, searching, sharing and full revision control. Take control of your document management needs today. Go with a company that knows how to zig when the others zag!

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