Version 5 includes a major upgrade in the way DocMoto monitors your local Machine.

This includes the addition of the Awaiting First Check In list.

The first time you install an early v5 client you may find an unexpectedly high number of files appear in the list.

The solution is to upgrade to a newer version of the DocMoto client.

As part of the upgrade process DocMoto now examines your local DocMoto folder checking for any files that don’t appear to be required. The criteria is uses are

  • Is the file writeable
  • Does this file already exist in DocMoto
  • Is the file checked out
  • Has the file been modified in the past 21 days

If a file is writeable, already in DocMoto, is not checked out and has not been modified in the past 21 days DocMoto removes it and places it into a folder called DocMoto Cleaned Files on your desktop.

What should I do

If DocMoto creates a DocMoto Cleaned Files folder, all you need to do is simply look through the contents and decide whether you want to keep the files.

If you do want to keep a file just add it into DocMoto using the Add button on the toolbar.

If you don’t want to keep the file just move it to your Trash.

Can I Delete the DocMoto Cleaned Files Folder?

Yes, if you are happy that you no longer want any of the files within the folder then you can simply delete it.

Will the DocMoto Cleaned Files folder re-appear

If you delete the DocMoto Cleaned Files folder it is unlikely to re-appear. But it will do if DocMoto finds a file that it is unsure about. If it does re-appear examine the contents as above and take action as appropriate.

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