Wrestling with the Regulations

ISO9000, HIPAA, CAP, Sarbanes-Oxley, just some of the complex regulatory frameworks that modern business must adhere to.

Failure to comply can be at the very least embarrassing, and at worst can put you out of business.

Most, if not all such frameworks require security, and evidence that procedures have been followed, and whilst documents may only form part of the regulation’s remit, a company can pass or fail based on how it handles it documents and files

“For Mac users, specialist tools are not thick on the ground”

For us Mac users tools to help with this are not thick on the ground. Sure, there’s Dropbox and similar solutions, and whilst these are brilliant at what they do, for understandable reasons they tend not to focus on the needs of such specialist groups.

That’s why an increasing number of companies that haven chosen Mac are looking to DocMoto to help them work through the regulatory maze.

DocMoto, a specialist product to solve specialist problems

DocMoto is specialist, and was designed from the start to be flexible.

Of course our product is a true Mac product, so easy to use and familiar, but we also have the features to help you conform.

DocMoto can provide a full revision history of every asset it stores. It can even tell you who viewed it, and of course when.

DocMoto has comprehensive security, which is simple to implement, and means you can restrict access to material. Ideal for regulations dealing with sensitive data like HIPAA.

DocMoto also has a tagging system that really allows you to ensure material is stored correctly, and of course can be found again when needed.

“We take the time to get it right for you”

But it’s not just our product that’s specialist, we aim to provide a whole service that delivers you the solution you need. Already CHL Software is gaining a reputation for our very high level of personal support, “getting it right” is much more important to us than just adding another company to our client list.

If your company is faced with a heavy regulatory burden then why not get in touch and find out how DocMoto and the team behind it can help you.

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