Changing the Status Quo

DocMoto is a full-featured document management platform for Mac and Windows based law firms.

DocMoto is a great fit for law firms with ten or more total headcount looking for more robust document features, like a fully indexed and instantly searchable file store, easy, secure file sharing, sophisticated document assembly and an easy way to store and search emails.

The productivity and efficiency benefits for the right firm is massive.     

You’ll also learn how the product integrates with common productivity apps such as Clio, Outlook, Gmail, and Slack.

You’ll walk away with:

  •     A new awareness of the benefits of working with an app-based document manager
  •     Seeing how secure, fully integrated third party sharing can revolutionize your team’s productivity
  •     Understanding the benefits of professional-level revision management

DocMoto the Document & Email Management System, has been the premier document management system for Mac-based law firms for well over a decade and now works with Windows as well. The DocMoto team is intensely customer-focused and they have extensive experience working not only in the legal sectors but also within the financial, medical, and government sectors.

Join us for our free webinar on May 5th @ 11.00am EST by completing the form to register.

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