Lincoln Derr

Restrictions and bugs in previous document and email management solution meant the system didn't work

Lincoln Derr

Business and healthcare litigation practice, Lincoln Derr, needed a more sophisticated and Apple-friendly document management system to replace its previous Windows-based systems.

The practice shifted to using Apple Mac computers in 2012 for reasons of security and stability, including greater protection from viruses while using the internet.

However, its existing document management system proved to be unreliable with Apple Mac. Attorney, Tricia Derr, said: “We were faced with bugs in our document and email management and though the software promised certain functionality it didn’t work. Also, we had a situation with documents not showing up in the right place!”

“And when setting up a new set of case folders, the master folder system was too rigid and we had to accept the same folder names for every case despite each case being different.”

Moving to DocMoto

Since deploying the DocMoto software almost three years ago, it has hugely improved Lincoln Derr’s document management capability.

Tricia Derr says: “DocMoto is very sophisticated and I think we’ve only scratched the surface of its capability. However, we enjoy the flexibility of folder management and the automatic set-up of versions rather than having to save files as separate versions, which can be chaotic.”

“We are also using automated forms and templates which means we can go into a matter, pick a template and it will pre-populate most for of it for you, which is cool.”

“DocMoto is faster and more consistent and has helped with meeting our clients’ expectations: sharing documents is a huge time, cost and paper saver as well as being user-friendly.”

“And it’s been a great experience working with the DocMoto team. Their technical support is incredible. Literally the most responsive and best help desk service of any software programme, ever.”

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