DocMoto - Changing the Status Quo

For the past 25 years vendors have pushed pure browser based solutions as being the answer. Clunky and awkward was the criticism back then and it is still true today.

DocMoto changes that. We have developed true app based interfaces for both Mac and Windows.

A different approach to document and email management

An app based document manager is free of the restrictions of browsers.

You don’t need to worry about your users pressing the back button.

You don’t need to explain to users where a file has been downloaded.

And you can drag and drop or copy and paste both in and out as much as you like.

Windows and Mac treated equally

We treat Windows and Mac users equally. Our Mac and Windows apps have the same powerful feature set and are designed specifically for each platform. We don’t try to make a single app cover both.

windows-screenshot.jpg mac-screenshot.jpg
Windows - as easy as Explorer Mac - just like Finder

Simple ideas everybody can understand

We take great care to ensure DocMoto uses straight forward concepts that everybody can understand. We just deal with folders, files, tags and templates. No workspaces, cabinets, vaults or any of the other obscure concepts you’ve been expected to master.

Easy interface - You already know how to use it

On a Mac DocMoto looks like Finder. On Windows it look like Windows Explorer. It is so easy that your users “already know how to use it”!

Powerful - It is no toy

Easy to use and simple to understand, but DocMoto is super powerful. It really can display 10,000 files in a single folder without having to page through the results.

It really does search a file’s content and tag data and is proven to handle millions of files.

It really can handle hundreds of users all on the system.

Integrations with other apps - DocMoto is no island

Document managers need to work with other systems. They cannot live in isolation, an island of data. DocMoto supports client and server APIs so integrating with existing systems can become a reality.

Cloud and on-premise

DocMoto is available in the cloud, but not everybody wants cloud, so it is also available for those who want to host their own.

Super secure by design

DocMoto cloud systems are dedicated to each customer. Unlike almost all other cloud providers you don’t share a database or anything else with somebody you don’t know.

Trusted worldwide

DocMoto is already used by law firms from the small to corporate level. We are trusted to deliver.

Support that goes the extra mile

Our support is second to none. Not everything works smoothly all the time, that’s when our support really counts.

Full professional-level feature set

DocMoto has all the features you would expect from a professional level document and email management system. Here are just a few of the key ones:

  • Centralised repository
  • Powerful searching
  • Full version history
  • Integrated sharing for working with co-counsel
  • Fine grained user permissions
  • Sophisticated asset tagging
  • Integrated with popular office tools such as Office 365 and G-suite.

Start your journey into something new

Fed up with the status-quo, then contact us today and learn how DocMoto can change your practice.

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