• Central Repository

    Central Repository

    DocMoto stores all documents, email and files in one secure, easily accessible repository. This brings huge benefits; it becomes simple to find material, categorize it and control it. Important company assets are no longer stored on an individual's Mac.

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  • Fast and efficient searching

    Fast and efficient searching

    As well as the standard file name and file content search ability, DocMoto's sophisticated document and folder tagging helps you quickly find whatever you are looking for. Tags can be defined as text, a date, or a number, giving you complete flexibility.

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  • Familiar drag and drop interface

    Familiar drag and drop interface

    DocMoto is a native Mac OSX application, users can drag and drop any electronic media through a familiar user interface. This makes DocMoto simple to learn for Mac users, minimizes training costs, and ensures the product will actually be used.

  • All file types supported

    All file types supported

    DocMoto can store and display any digital file type. Documents, spreadsheets, email, images, drawings, or music, are all supported as accessible though a single common interface.

  • Email and attachment management

    Email and attachment management

    Drag and drop emails into DocMoto and they'll be added to the file repository just like any other document. What's more, DocMoto can also extract any file attachments that came with the email and they'll also be added - with full search functionality and revision control.

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  • Powerful file classification

    Powerful file classification

    User definable tags can be associated with files making searching and classification simple and more powerful. DocMoto can also be configured to force users to enter tag data at file check-in, be it a project code, matter id, the amount of time spent on a revision, or the status of a document.

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  • Automated revision control

    Automated revision control

    Any document or file added to the DocMoto server will be automatically revision controlled. Older versions of your files are kept, allowing you to revert or compare versions with a simple click.

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  • Secure sharing

    Secure sharing

    DocMoto provides the simplest way to securely share content with co-workers and co-counsel.

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  • Collaborative working

    Collaborative working

    Beyond trivial tasks, working collaboratively can often become difficult to manage, with work being overwritten, or incorrect versions of files being used. DocMoto facilitates a more constructive form of collaborative working and is web-based so users can be work remotely and still participate securely.

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  • Full audit trail and tracking

    Full audit trail and tracking

    DocMoto provides a complete log of every action a user takes. This can be used to provide management with a full audit trail against any digital asset, giving peace of mind and helping to maintain compliance.

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  • Profiled file import

    Profiled file import

    Ideal for use with scanners, DocMoto's profiled import feature allows profiles to be created which will ensure a user places scanned material in the correct location with the correct tags.

  • Comprehensive security

    Comprehensive security

    DocMoto has a comprehensive security system. Security can be applied at all levels with an extremely fine level of control possible.

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  • Internet network compatible

    Internet network compatible

    DocMoto uses web technologies such as WebDAV allowing it to be used across any TCP/IP network. This means it can be used quite easily across an internal intranet, or external extranet. Staff can work remotely, and customers and suppliers can access their content.

  • Additional support services

    Additional support services

    In addition to supplying the software we also provide a full range of pre and post installation services.

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  • Large file handling and storage

    Large file handling and storage

    DocMoto has been specifically designed to handle the large files found in a studio environment. We use a number of techniques to maximize transfer speeds and utilize intelligent differential storage technology to efficiently store multiple file revisions.

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