DocMoto delivers document assembly on a Mac
Document Assembly

DocMoto delivers document assembly on a Mac

Through DocMoto's unique document assembly features it is now possible to automate complex document creation workflows across your business.

Until now sophisticated document assembly has required a shift to Windows, or working with a browser based application, but now DocMoto makes it all possible through an elegant native Mac interface.

Key benefits

DocMoto's document assembly functionality allows an organisation to formalize the construction of common document types which brings many benefits including:

  • Save time and money with rapid document production.
  • Reduce error and improve accuracy through the use of standard text elements.

Rich feature set

DocMoto's document assembly supports much more than just simple word substitution. Key technologies include:

  • Snippets - Complete reusable blocks of formatted text, known as snippets, can be defined either by user or across the business.
  • Conditional assembly - Create sophisticated document assembly schema using conditional statements.
  • Close integration with DocMoto tags - Include DocMoto tag data at the point of assembly and use tag information to drive workflow.

See for yourself

Don't take our word for it, take a look at the 5 comprehensive videos on our website which cover the full breadth of our document assembly feature set.

Document Assembly Part 1 - Setup

Document Assembly Part 2 - Essentials

Document Assembly Part 3 - Building Documents

Document Assembly Part 4 - Using Nested Placeholders

Document Assembly Part 5 - Using IF Statements

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