Central Repository, everything stored in one place
Central Repository

Central Repository, everything stored in one place

Even small businesses find controlling their documents, files and email a substantial challenge.

For many the traditional approach of storing everything on a single file server is simply too limited.

File servers are difficult to search, are difficult for maintaining uniformity and are of virtually no help for storing email in any meaningful way.

Even the advent of cloud based synchronization tools hasn't cured the problem. For sure such tools make it simpler for mobile and multi-device users to share content, but file synchonization tools don't improve storage of email or maintaining uniformity.

For many too, the idea of everybody having a copy of all the company's key documents, all of the time, on highly portable devices represents a risk they are not willing to take.

DocMoto's centralized repository approach is tried and tested.

Everything is in one place, easy to find, easy to control.

Users take the documents, email and files as they need them. There's no need for them to carry around huge synchronized copies of the company's document and file store.

Email is displayed just as easily as regular documents, and business rules can be designed to ensure commonly created folder structures (such as a new matter, project or client) are all the same and completely uniform.

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