Fully manage your business email and file attachments
Email and attachment management

Fully manage your business email and file attachments

For many organisations a centralized repository for email is just as important as a repository for documents alone.

Many documents are transferred in and out of the organisation through email, and in many respects it's difficult to distinguish between the importance of email and documents.

DocMoto's centralized repository is the ideal solution. With our configurable folders both email and documents can be stored in the same repository and viewed through the same interface with equal ease.

Email can be added to DocMoto simply by dragging and dropping directly from your email client.

Attachments can be unpacked and become fully searchable along with the text of any emails.

New emails can be initiated from directly within the DocMoto interface.

The benefits of this combined document and email approach deliver a substantial boost to an organisation's effectiveness and ability to respond accurately and swiftly.

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Importing Emails
Unpacking Emails
Sending files as an Email Attachment

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