Tags and enforceable document and file tagging
Powerful file classification

Tags and enforceable document and file tagging

DocMoto has a fully customizable system for creating meta tags. One of the key uses for tags is to associate known categories of information to files.  Examples of tags might be an author, project code, matter id or last modified date.

If resources are tagged correctly then organizing, finding and categorizing your documents becomes much more straightforward.  However, the problem for most organizations is to ensure firstly that the tags are added, and secondly that they are consistent.

DocMoto makes this simple.  Any number of tags can be defined.  They can be associated with a parent folder in any combination.  To ensure they are added tags can be marked as being mandatory or not on a folder by folder basis.

To ensure the values being added are consistent, lists of appropriate values can be defined (so users can simply choose one).  Alternatively input masks can be defined and these will only allow values of a predetermined format to be entered.

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