When you choose our cloud-based solution you get accessibility from anywhere.

With DocMoto in the Cloud I can open any document while sitting in a meeting anywhere, and I can’t tell you how impressive that is.

Clay Grayson - Grayson Thomas

That phrase pretty much nails it. When you choose cloud you get accessibility from anywhere.

You can of course achieve the same effect by hosting the DocMoto server inside your organisation and opening up the firewalls.

But that can be very much simpler said than done, especially when you start applying SSL certificates, configuring routers, opening up ports and all the other necessities of access from anywhere.

The full customer story lists the key benefits a cloud based approach has delivered for Grayson Thomas.

  • Work on documents in a team-based approach without creating different saved copies, while retaining the ability to track multiple versions by various authors.

  • Reduce costs by not having to acquire other software: as the DocMoto management system offers enhanced functionality, such as its comparison features.

  • Provide in-house training: DocMoto has become a teaching tool for new lawyers by enabling Grayson Thomas to create logical folder hierarchies to save template documents, contracts, forms and related educational and training materials.

  • Bring new attorneys and staff up-to-speed quickly: together with DocMoto tutorials, Grayson Thomas has distilled key DocMoto functions into a set of practice operational guidelines that means new attorneys and staff are working effectively within days, requiring less training and reducing costs.

To see how others are using DocMoto take a look at our full list of case studies.

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