Client Downloads

Download latest client versions

Download latest client

Mac (Monterey - OS 12, Big Sur - OS 11, Catalina - OS 10.15)
DocMoto v5.2.12 (build 12019) client

Windows  10 (we do not currently support Windows 11)
DocMoto Windows client v4.4.1 - Beta (build 3711)

Download older client versions

How to downgrade

  1. Close the DocMoto client.
  2. Open Finder and select Applications.
  3. Find and highlight DocMotoClient.
  4. Right mouse click and select Move to Trash (or Bin)
  5. Empty your Trash bin.
  6. Now install the older version.

To check your version select the About DocMoto from the DocMotoClient menu.


DocMoto v5.2.10 Beta (build 11999) client

DocMoto v5.2.7 (build 11954) client

DocMoto v5.2.6 (build 11947) client

DocMoto v5.2.5 (build 11937) client

DocMoto v5.2.4 (build 11926) client

DocMoto v5.2.3 (build 11914) client

DocMoto v5.1.2 (build 11805) client

DocMoto v5.1.1 (build 11795) client

DocMoto v5.0.7 (build 11502) client

DocMoto v4.2.2 (build 10806) client


DocMoto Windows client - Beta (build 3708)

DocMoto Windows client - Beta (build 3691)

DocMoto Windows client - Beta (build 3689)

DocMoto Windows client - Beta (build 3676)

DocMoto Windows client - Beta (build 3643)

DocMoto Windows client - Beta (build 3642)

DocMoto Windows client - Beta (build 3641)

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