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Backup options for DocMoto Cloud customers

Hosted backup

This is the most common choice and involves a backup of the DocMoto system being automatically created. Backups are taken daily and weekly and are stored "off-server" but within the hosted framework.

For most cases this level of backup is fine.

Hosted backup with periodic download

This level of backup is identical to the Fully Hosted option with the exception that a complete copy of the backup files can be periodically downloaded to a secondary storage server.

This secondary storage server will typically be located on your premises and means that you always have a copy of your data on your site.

Hosted backup with full failover

With this option a fully configured secondary DocMoto server is located on your premises and the DocMoto file and data stores are "pushed" from the hosted to the on-premise server. In effect the secondary server is a replica of the hosted server.

In the event of a complete loss of connectivity to the hosted server the secondary server can be switched "live" and will operate on a read-only basis until such time as connectivity with the hosted server is restored.

Switching from hosted to secondary is a manual process, as is switching back, which means this option essentially provides a solution for the prolonged loss of internet connectivity.

The secondary server must run the linux operating system CentOS and we would recommend that you have ready access to IT support staff for the management of this server.

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