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Handling Large Downloads for the Sharing Portal

This article applies to the DocMoto Sharing Portal

The DocMoto Sharing Portal permits users to download shared content. When that content is in a folder the Portal will produce a zip file of the folder's contents.

As of DocMoto Web client version 5.0.21 the zip file is created as a stream which means its size is only limited by settings in the php.ini file and the power of the host server. In previous versions of the Sharing Portal scripts could run out of time or memory.

Php.ini Settings

There are two settings that may require adjustment.


By default this is set to 30 seconds. It controls the amount of time a script may run for. Consider changing this to 300 or greater for Gigabyte downloads.

max_execution_time = 300  


Controls the amount of memory a script can consume. The DocMoto Sharing Portal uses streaming, so this value need not be high even for Gigabyte downloads. By default it is set to 128MB. For 10s of Gigabyte downloads consider increasing this as appropriate. A good starting point is to double it.


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