Setting up the unpack email feature

There is a feature in DocMoto that will allow users to unpack emails. This splits up an email and stores the text and any attachments separately, allowing both to be indexed and content searchable.

You will need both v3 DocMoto Server and Client and above to use this functionality

The 'Unpack Email' option is only available from the right mouse click selection.

In the DocMotoConfig folder a subfolder called Client Extensions is required and in this folder there should be two files - ExtractEmailAttachments.dmExtension.xml and If any of these are not in the DocMoto system add them, close the DocMoto client and reopen it to activate this feature.

There will be an option to 'Unpack Email' at the top of the list when right mouse clicking on an email file.

N.B. you will need to sign in as an Administrator and select Admin > Show Admin Folders to see the DocMotoConfig folder in the treeview.

New installations of DocMoto (v3.0.7 and above) will include the folder and files required. Users upgrading from previous versions will need to manually create the Client Extensions folder and add theExtractEmailAttachments.dmExtension.xml and files inside that folder.

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