Setting up the Email Import Application


To get the most from the Email Import Application you should consider installing the set of reports that are shipped with the DocMoto server.

To install the reports simply move and secure them as described in this article.

Restricting User Access

Administrators can restrict users access to the Email Import Application.

Specifically users can be denied access completely to the Email Import Application but still manage their email account username and password details.

Thi is achieved by providing users with access to the Email Password Application and removing access from the Email Import Application.

The Email Import and Email Password applications are accessible via menu items on the Admin menu. Access to non-Administrators can be restricted by applying security to two control files, '$config_full' for the Email Import Application and '$config_lite' for the Email Password Application.

For example, setting a user group to have a permission of 'No Access' on '$config_full' will mean no members of the group can access the Email Import Application nor see it as a menu option.

To remove access to the Email Import Application:

  1. From the Admin menu select Show Admin Folders.
  2. Navigate to DocMotoConfig/Sync/Email and select the $config_full file.
  3. With the file selected choose Permissions from the file menu, and to remove access for a given group set that group to have No Access. Choose Close when done.

Further Reading

To learn more about the Email Import Application we recommend reading the Email Importer document in Lee's Corner.

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