DocMoto Client APIs Overview

DocMoto is a standards based application which can be accessed by other software applications as well as call external processes.

WebDAV Client API

The DocMoto server implements the WebDAV protocol, and as such can be accessed quite simply via any software framework that facilitates http requests.

The DocMoto WebDAV client API uses popular scripting languages Python and Perl to make connections to the DocMoto server.

The WebDAV client API is ideal for uploading and downloading file operations. It is typically used for integrations with file monitoring applications and synchronisation tools.

We have a number of articles showing how to use the WebDAV client API. An example of integrating with a third party file sync application, and a simple folder monitor.

Find all the details you need for making WebDAV client connections here.

DocMoto Client API (DocMoto Client version 2.7 and above)

The DocMoto client API allows you to call external processes at the point of uploading a file or from within the DocMoto client.

This powerful API can make use of many integration tools that are shipped with a Mac such as Applescript and shell commands.

The DocMoto Client API is typically useful for automating pre-upload processing, such as creating an OCR file version or adding an entry to a calendar application such as iCal.

Find details on the Client API here

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