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Access your DocMoto Documents from within Clio

The DocMoto Clio integration allows you to access your DocMoto files directly from within the Clio interface.


Using the DocMoto integration for Clio you can:

  • Access DocMoto documents directly from the Clio Documents menu.
  • Save documents into DocMoto directly from the Clio Documents menu.
  • Tag and so classify documents as you add them from Clio to DocMoto


See here for sample screenshots.


DocMoto cloud customers can use the integration now.

On-premise customers will need the DocMoto web client version 5.0.5 or greater and a fully secured domain for their DocMoto web client installation.


  1. Log into your Clio account
  2. Click on the following link
  3. Select your Region and press Connect to Clio.
  4. Authorize the app.
  5. A DocMoto menu will now appear in your Clio Documents section allowing you to upload files from DocMoto
  6. ... and download files to DocMoto

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