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DocMoto videos


Introducing version 3.8
Look what's new in v3.8*
Checkout Folders
How to checkout entire folders
Configure Colour Coding
How to setup colours for folders and files
Document Assembly Part 1
How to setup Document Assembly
Document Assembly Part 2
Essentials of Document Assembly
Document Assembly Part 3
Building Documents
Document Assembly Part 4
Using Nested Placeholders
Document Assembly Part 5
Assembling Documents Containing Conditions
Merging Files and Folders
How to merge single and multiple files and folders
How to generate DocMoto reports
Email Templates
Creating Emails from a master template
User access to templates
Allowing users to maintain master documents
iPad DocMoto
Our own DocMoto app for iPad®
iOS Devices
Using an iOS device with DocMoto (iPad® or iPhone®)
Multiple Files Links
How to obtain links for multiple files
Changes to Templates
Retrospectively applying a folder template
Update Tags
How to update tags for multiple files
Appending different files
How to add a file with a dissimilar name to the version history
Connecting to DocMoto
Server Controls
Starting and stopping the DocMoto Server
Users and Groups
Adding Users and Groups
Existing files
Adding an existing file into DocMoto
Check-In and Check-Out
Checking a file in and checking a file out
Introduction to using Permissions
Quick Search
Quick Search within DocMoto
Importing Emails
Importing Emails into DocMoto
Email Attachments
Sending files as an Email attachment
Unpacking Emails
Unpacking Emails in DocMoto
Linking from an email
Insert a link to a file within DocMoto into an email
Links within Microsoft Word
Using links within MS Word to other documents in the DocMoto repository
Master Documents
Creating a master document template
Master Documents Access
Restricting Access to Master Documents
Introduction to using Tags
Folder Templates
Creating folder templates
Import Profiles
An introduction to Import Profiles
Import Profiles - Part 2
Creating an Import Profile using the 'Import Question' Tag
Print Special
How to print a document with a unique identifier
Compare two documents
How to compare two different documents
Alerts and Notifications
Learn about alerts and notifications
Changing file icons
Associating file icons with tag lists
Managing InDesign folders
Working with packaged InDesign folders
Supporting OCR
Extend DocMoto to call an external application to OCR a file
Synching to an iOS Device
Adding a complete version history to file synchronization on a iPad®
OCR PDF files using ABBYY FineReader.
Managing Dictations
DocMoto as a system to help manage dictations taken on an iPad® or iPhone®.

Please note our videos are edited to aid clarity and some operations shown may take slightly longer in practice.

* New in v3.8