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We hope you find DocMoto really easy to use but in case you have any questions, here you will find FAQs, step-by-step guides and videos demonstrating some of DocMoto's key features.


Version 3.8

New Features

  • Customisable Toolbar - The toolbar can be saved to users own preference (right mouse click on the toolbar to select options).

  • macOS High Sierra - Support for macOS High Sierra – Server and Client.

  • Toolbar - The DocMoto tool bar has been updated, providing access to key functions with one simple click.

  • Sharing - It is now possible to share folders and files with non-DocMoto users. This exciting new functionality gives users a flexible, secure and fast way to share information with co-workers, co-counsel or any other party requiring temporary, controlled access to DocMoto content.

  • Views - We have adapted saved search routines to create realtime views. Views can be specific to a user or shared across the whole user group. Views now form part of your personal workspace which is always available whichever machine you use to log in.

  • Favourites - Favourites have also been moved to your personal workspace. Before this release of DocMoto favourites were registered to the users machine, now they're registered to the user, so no matter where you sign into the system - your favourites will always be available.

  • DocMoto Web Client - The web client has been completely redesigned. As well as a new, modern look it includes many more features including support for advanced searches, folder templates, views and favourites. The web client package is available to download from our login page.

  • Searching - DocMoto searching has increased capabilities including an option to OR search criteria as well as the existing AND condition.

  • Improved connection handling - We have overhauled DocMoto's handling of connection issues such as a loss of a connection. In version 3.8 you will find DocMoto more responsive and cleanly, securely logging out whenever the network has a sustained issue.

  • Bug fixes

    • Remove readonly files on disconnect.

    • Checking in folders could cause the local copy to be deleted if a network connection was lost before completeion.

    • Improvements to files added to emails as promised files.

    • Sorting order improvements.

    • Double clicking on folders in the search view opens enclosing folder.

    • Improvements for dual screen users.

    • Tree view focus.

    • Code changes to improve client freezing.

    • Files moved to trash could cause a 404 error under certain circumstances.

    • Improvements with poor network connectivity.

    • Forward and back slashes disallowed in Template Manager.

    • Check-In no longer an option for Read Only users.

    • Issue with expanders in the Tree View fixed.

    • Search timeout message improvement.

    • Improved handling of renamed and removed files and folders.

    • Users and Groups management improvements.

    • Sorting order on checked out folders.

    • Vertical scroll on Views popup.

    • Client refresh before checking files out.

    • Global shared Views.

    • Favourites retained after upgrade.

    • Amended Views name saved.

    • Amended Favourite name saved.

    • Corrupt Views handled correctly.

    • Ampersands (&) in Share name added to email subject line.

    • Removed client unable to start problem with Sierra 10.12.1 or greater.

    • Improved network stall timeout.

    • SQL code improvements to enable older versions of DocMoto server to upgrade to latest version.

    • .pem files are overwritten correctly during installation.

    • Apostrophes supported in Quick Search.

    • Time Spent reports improved.

    • Size of Reports window retained for future views.

    • Logic of moving files and folders to Trash has been re-written.

    • Compatibility issue with Searchkit running under macOS Sierra.

    • Files left in index queue for defined period to avoid Searckit hang.

    • HTML & XML files are not indexed.

    • Apostrophes and spaces in Document Assembly files were not being parsed.

    • Dragging files into MS Outlook are made writeable.

    • Creating emails with rtfd files in master documents.

    Operating Systems

    DocMoto now only supports OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), OS X 10.12 (Sierra) and OS X 10.13 (macOS High Sierra).

    Known Issues

    • Dragging files into Apple Mail (El Capitan, Sierra & High Sierra) - Dragging files out of DocMoto directly into Apple Mail is not currently working. The issue appears to be due to a bug in the latest version of Mail. We have reported the bug to Apple. As a work around users will need to drag attachments from DocMoto onto the desktop, and drag them from there into Apple Mail. This issue only arises when trying to add a file as an attachment to an existing email. For creating new emails use the 'Mail as Attachment' feature within DocMoto, or drag a file out of DocMoto and drop it onto Mail's icon in the dock.

    • DocMoto web client - This note ONLY applies to customers running a DocMoto server AND the DocMoto web client.

      Upgrading to Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra & High Sierra will overwrite the php.ini and apache web server config files. This will prevent the DocMoto web client from working. To fix the issue requires editing the files as described in the "Setting up PHP" section of the following article.

    • iWorks13 files and Apple Mail - There is an issue sending iWork files (Pages, Numbers & Keynote) through Apple Mail. Recipients are unable to open these files.

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