Mac Client Version 5.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • Auto-reconnect - We can't prevent bad internet connections, but with our new auto-reconnect technology they become far less of an issue.

  • Extended document time stamping - Time stamps can now be placed on printed documents, downloaded documents and email attachment documents.

  • Simple button login - The login process has been redesigned making it faster and more intuitive.

  • Share Dashboard - Shares have been moved to the left panel dashboard making them much easier to manage.

  • Extended Toolbar Options - All DocMoto actions now have a toolbar button which users can add or remove to suit their work patterns.

  • Share UI Redesign - The Share user interface has been completely overhauled making it simpler and more attractive to use.

  • User Management Redesign - User management has been redesigned with a number of new tools like search making it more powerful and simpler to use.

  • Copy and Paste Support - Dragging and dropping is no longer the only way to get things in and out of DocMoto.

  • Updated Status bar - The status bar now indicates when a connection is present as well as the DocMoto server and user details.

  • Big Sur Compatible

Bug Fixes

This release includes numerous bug fixes and changes to take advantage of the latest OSX technologies.

Operating Systems

DocMoto now only supports OS X 10.14 (macOS Mojave), OS X 10.15 (macOS Catalina) and OS X 11 (macOS Big Sur).

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