OSX Server 5.1

New Features

  • Improved alignment to SearchKit (Spotlight) - The processing pipeline passing content to SearchKit (Spotlight) for indexing has been streamlined and a tighter integration implemented.

  • Parsing of existing Email - Existing email in the repository will be parsed such that attachment information is available in the DocMoto client information panel.

  • Improved large scale empty from Trash - Empty from Trash could be unreliable when handling hundreds of thousands of files. This has been completely overhauled and comfortably handles millions of files.

  • Bug fixes - General bug fixes and technology updates.

Notes to the Administrator

This server upgrade has very few potential pitfalls and should take minutes to complete.

The parsing of back historic emails is controlled through a queue on the backend database and will not effect users. It is a also unaffected by server restarts.

For large repositories it may take several hours to complete.

Having said the above we always recommend that a full backup be taken prior to an upgrade. We also recommend that the upgrade is undertaken out of hours with plenty of time in hand to handle any unforeseen issues.

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