Version 4.0

New Features

  • New interface design - Totally revamped interface design. Now looks even more familiar to Finder.

  • Restrictions - Restriction hardening has been implemented. Administrators can restrict users access to the amount of files they can interact with.

  • Email Archiving - Automatically archive emails directly into DocMoto.

Click here to see the features in version 4.1 service pack release.

Click here to see the new features in version 4.2 service pack release.

DocMoto server upgrades

N.B. Only applies to upgrading the DocMoto server - not new installations.

When updating the DocMoto server the serverConfig.config file in /var/opt/docmoto/settings will be overwritten.

This means any bespoke settings, such as code that enables the Sharing feature will be overwritten and replaced with default settings.

To ensure your bespoke settings are preserved define them in the serverConfig.overrides.prototype file in /var/opt/docmoto/settings then rename serverConfig.overrides.prototype to serverConfig.overrides. This will then replace the default settings and this file will not be overwritten on updating the server.

Bug fixes

  • Improved performance.

  • International date change. All users running a server 24th April 2018 and 9th August 2018 (build 10156 to 10386) will have the problem and need to upgrade both server and clients.

  • Resolved various crash reports.

  • Mojave: About Dialog not displaying.

  • Mojave: Add folder - files added in random order.

  • Search box truncated in Users & Groups.

  • Type ahead on grid view not working for folders with more than 990 items.

  • Tabs not saved when logged out.

  • Search tabs opening when trying to disconnect if Preference set to Do Not Monitor.

  • History navigation not working properly with searches.

  • Tag Editor - Editing Internal Name issue.

  • Moving, Renaming, Deleting folders that are open in another tab Rename updates the title, Delete closes the tab.

  • Import Profiles - Random listing of the profile. Now lists alphabetically.

  • Master Document .eml.rtf(d) content paste issue.

  • Isolated issue where closing Version history crashes. Only applied to El Capitan machine.

Operating Systems

DocMoto now only supports OS X 10.14 (macOS Mojave) and OS X 10.15 (macOS Catalina).

Known Issues

  • Dragging files into Apple Mail (El Capitan, Sierra & High Sierra) - Dragging files out of DocMoto directly into Apple Mail does not work with the above versions od OS X. The issue appears to be due to a bug in the version of Mail. We did report the bug to Apple. It does work in Mojave. As a work around users will need to drag attachments from DocMoto onto the desktop, and drag them from there into Apple Mail. This issue only arises when trying to add a file as an attachment to an existing email. For creating new emails use the 'Mail as Attachment' feature within DocMoto, or drag a file out of DocMoto and drop it onto Mail's icon in the dock.

  • DocMoto web client - This note ONLY applies to customers running a DocMoto server AND the DocMoto web client.

    Upgrading to Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra & Mojave will overwrite the php.ini and apache web server config files. This will prevent the DocMoto web client from working. To fix the issue requires editing the files as described in the "Setting up PHP" section of the following article.

  • iWorks13 files and Apple Mail - There is an issue sending iWork files (Pages, Numbers & Keynote) through Apple Mail. Recipients are unable to open these files.

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