Mac version 5.2.12

This version supersedes 5.2.7. There was no public release of versions 5.2.8-5.2.11.

Version 5.2.12 incorporates a refreshing of all the underlying code frameworks. Where appropriate we have upgraded to the very latest Apple frameworks, making this version able to maximise on the core changes to OSX Monterey.

Specific new or modified features include:

Search - Number of results returned - A user can now specify the number of search results returned.

Search - Timeout - A user can now specify a timeout. This will make long running searches easy to work with.

Email viewing - A user can now specify that Quicklook is to be used as the default viewer for email. This prevents Apple Mail being invoked and is essential for users who work exclusively with browser based email clients.

OTKA authentication support - Support for OTKA authentication service has been added. Requires a server upgrade before it can be used.

Issues resolved include:

Default application not opening - The default application was not opening on download or check out.

Client crash caused by very long server name - Under certain circumstances it was possible for an erroneous and very long server name to become entered into the DocMoto config.

User and Group admin freezes if left open - Leaving user and group admin open for prolonged periods could result in the DocMoto client freezing.

In all over 500 modifications and changes have been made in this new release.

DocMoto now only supports Monterey - OS 12, Big Sur - OS 11, Catalina - OS 10.15.

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