Mac Version 4.1

Version 4.1 is a service pack release and includes the following changes over version 4.0

Click here to see the new features in version 4.2 service pack release.

New Features

  • Menus - Menus now apply to the highlighted item rather than the folder in the tab view. To deselect items and have menus apply to the tab folder simply click on the tab itself.

  • Interface Preferences - A new preference tab called Interface has been added. We have re-grouped some existing preferences into this new tab and added some new ones. Specifically:

    • Apply alternate row style: Adds a Finder style background colour to alternate rows.
    • Open Search in new tab: New searches are now by default opened in the current tab. Ticking this preference results in new searches being opened in a new tab.
    • Maximum number of items in Recent Documents list: Controls the number of recent items displayed in the Recent Documents list.
  • Download Preferences - We have made it optional whether to have the file”™s info panel displayed on double clicking by including the options Info (Default Check-out) and Info (Default Download). By choosing Ask (Default Check-out) the original style dialog is shown.

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