Configuring Apache to support Universal DocMoto links

As of version 5 DocMoto supports a new link type known as universal.

A universal link uses an http or https prefix, so is universally accepted by third party applications.

Universal links should be used in preference to the older x-docmoto links.

Setting up Universal Link Support

To support universal links requires a small change to your Apache server configuration as follows:

  1. Check that the Apache module mod_rewrite is enabled in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf by removing any # symbol from the start of the line
    LoadModule rewrite_module libexec/apache2/
  2. Create a file called docmoto-link.conf, add the contents below, then move the file to /etc/apache2/other/
  3. # Enable x-docmoto linking in Apache2
    # Copy this into /etc/apache2/other/
    # and run:
    #   sudo apachectl restart
    # Redirect x-docmoto links
    RedirectMatch "^/x-docmoto/(.*)" "x-docmoto://$1"
    # Disable Rewrite rules from overriding the Redirect
    <IfModule rewrite_module>
    RewriteRule ^x-docmoto - [L,NC]
  4. Restart apache by typing
    sudo apachectl restart

Testing a Universal Link

  1. Open a version 5 DocMoto client and highlight a file.
  2. From the File menu select Copy Link to Clipboard and select Universal.
  3. Copy the link into an application of your choice, eg Word.
  4. Close the DocMoto client
  5. Click on the link, the DocMoto client will be opened via your browser, and the file highlighted.

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