Install notes for CentOS version 5 server upgrade

DocMoto server version 5 has a new indexing system based on Solr 8. This allows us to benefit from the very much improved Solr search technology.

As part of the upgrade a new Solr index is created. 

Depending on the level of host server resources the index process can consume a significant chunk of server power. It may also take several days or weeks to complete. As such you may decide that you would prefer the index runs out of normal working hours.

How indexing is Managed

At the point of the server installation all content files are placed into a processing queue held in DocMoto's backend Postgres database.

The indexing service simply works through the queue passing content to the Solr based indexing system.

The service decides on whether a file is to be indexed by reason of its priority number. Essentially any priority less than 20 is to be indexed, anything above is not.

This fact can be used to effectively switch the index on and off and so avoid its effects during working hours.

Cron Jobs

We recommend using the cron jobs detailed below to switch the indexing process on and off. You will need to adjust the times to suit your own environment.

Disabling Indexing

The following cron job disables indexing Mon-Fri. All times are GMT.

0 13 * * mon-fri sudo -u docmoto psql -c "UPDATE searchqueue set priority=99 where priority<20"

Enabling the Index

The following cron job enables indexing Tue-Sat. All times are GMT.

0 4 * * tue-sat sudo -u docmoto psql -c "UPDATE searchqueue set priority=0 where priority=99"

Monitoring Progress

Indexing progress can be simply monitored by counting the number of items to be indexed in the queue.

Running the following SQL from psql will show the number of files remaining to be indexed.

select count(*) from searchqueue where priority<20;  

Server Upgrade

The instructions to upgrade the server are as follows:

1. Obtain the server rpm download link from CHL.

2. Download the RPM using the following command (Example):

 curl -O  

Where XXXX is the build number.

3. Upgrade the DocMoto rpm by typing (Example):

yum upgrade docmoto-5.1.8-XXXX-centos7-release_5.1-release-Linux-server.rpm -y    

Other Details

DocMoto version 5 requires CentOS 7. We have not yet approved it for CentOS 8.

The RPM will install all required dependencies including Postgres when necessary.

New content added whilst the indexing is switched off will be indexed as normal. Only the backlog is affected by the queue.

For servers with upwards of 64GB of RAM there may be no discernible impact on performance whilst the index is running. In these cases you may choose not to switch off indexing during working hours.

After upgrading the server you should also consider upgrading the DocMoto web client. This provides the web interface, the sharing portal and the REST API used by any integrations. For instructions on installing the web client see here.

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